Rank in the Qlikview

Rank in Qlikview is used for make ranks or represent rank for the given rows weather they calculate in any order by the aggregated Sum or Count of the calculation expression of any metrics. Rank is mainly used with the aggregated functions in this post i explain about the Top N rank findings in the front end.

Step1:- Suppose we have some Sales Representative data in our application and we can loaded into Qlikview file, have a look the data set.

Rank in the Qlikview

Step2:- Now from this data we are going to find the Top 10 Sales representative performance then we add the calculated dimension

Note:- Here i  explain a way with the calculated dimension we have other ways also.

Rank in the Qlikview

Step3:- And do not forget to select Suppress When value is Null option from options why this selection requires because the above expression only finds the TOP N then others will shown as NULL values for hiding we are used this option.

Rank in the Qlikview

Step4:- And then select Sales Expression as Sum(Sales)

Rank in the Qlikview


Take Straight table chart for data representation and add

Dimension:- [Sales Represenative]

Expression :- Rank(Sum(Sales)) for Rank identification

Expression:- Sum(Sales)

And the final data you get in the straight table with three fields

In my next post i explain how to make the customized top value selection.


  1. While using Rank we can get easily give good user interface.
  2. For Top or Worst dimensional limits we can show in the charts.
  3. Get performance of any metric values in any charts (Bar, Line, Straight, Pivot) charts.
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