Qlikview Generic Load

Qlikview Generic Load is the load which is used in qlikview for Generic database. Generic database is used in Qlikview to define the table in the     transformation step. A Generic key word is used for defining the Generic Data base in the Qlikview. For Generic table we have to need at least three fields in the table and the second last column in the arbitrary key attribute in the table and the last one is the Value for the table.

See the Example of this load script for simple table

Generic Load Script:-

Qlikview Generic Load

After Load of this table you can analyzes this fields individually available in the data model this is also very nice way to represent the data for the table. Have a look in the Data Model view by click on the Ctrl + T or click on the Table viewer in the Design menu tool bar

Qlikview Generic Load Tab View

Or by Ctrl + T you can also view Data Model as

Qlikview Generic Load Model

If you add the fields of the Generic data base you can see it individually in the list boxes

Qlikview Generic Load

And in the front end if you add the fields in any table box that view yo you as

Qlikview Generic Load

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Concatenate in QlikView

Concatenatation in QlikView

Concatenate functionality in QlikView is the load script and it is used for data modelling. When we load two tables in the Qlikview and if there is same number of the fields, then the table gets loaded as single table and they are concatenate to each other.

And if they are not in the same field then we have to force concatenate to them then this concatenate is called Forced Concatenate. In this we get single table but if field not matched then its data is also not matched then in this we get blank space in the columns.

There are different ways of the concatenation in Qlikview data modelling.

  1. Concatenate
  2. Forced Concatenate
  3. No Concatenate

As explain told you the term concatenate is use in the data modelling and it is the strong functions which can used for table concatenation so it is also the way to make perfect data model and to remove synthetic keys from the tables.